Monday, January 1, 2007

Gallery 1

Signed/Framed prints available, please email

1. "1060 W. Addison from the El"

2. "Chicago- The Hancock and the Gold Coast"

3. "Diversey Harbor and a Chicago Skyline at Night"

4. "A Chicago Skyline and Milennium Park"

5. "Chicago Skyline from the river at Kinzie"

6. "The White Palace Grill at Canal and Roosevelt"

7. "The Chicago Skyline and the Marovitz Golf Course"

8. "Chicago and the Gold Coast"

(All images are Copyright 2007 Dennis B. O'Malley, as are these reduced digital versions. Any unauthorized digital or printed reproduction of them is strictly prohibited, and doing do for commercial use is a violation of law and punishable by heavy fines and/or imprisonment in the U.S. All rights reserved.)

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