Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Chicago River Collection

Skyscrapers Stand Proud

They seem to say they have sought the absolute
   and made it their own.

Yet they are blameless, innocent as dumb steel
   and the dumber concrete of their bastions.

“Man made us,” they murmur. 
“We are proud only as a man is proud and we have
    no more found the absolute than has man.”

Carl Sandburg

The Chicago River at Riverside Drive "Riverside" is a limited edition etching and one of my Chicago River Collection.  

The Chicago River Collection 


 plate 157   14" x 12"

    The Crossing 

 plate 155 on grey paper  12" x 11"












    The Crossing 

 plate 155 on white paper  12" x 11" 


Urban Solitude  

plate 153    10" x 9.75"

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