Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cubs and White Sox 2017 Baseball Season is Underway!

Pitchers and Catchers report!'s that time of year and a reminder for Chicago baseball fans to celebrate. 

The 2017 baseball season is off and running.

Maybe my images will bring a smile and a good memory of time spent in Chicago's two major league ball parks.

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                                                          1060 West Addison from the "L" with quote** 12" x 16"

Addison and Sheffield from the "L"   12" x 16"
9" x 12"
Chicago  Parking Lot E  US Cellular Field     9" x 12"
US Cellular Field from Parking Lot E   11" x 14"

12" x 16"
Chicago   Sheffield and Addison from the "L"     11" x 14"

**  The famous Wrigley Field quote is attributable to the Public Address announcer Pat Pieper, who made the following announcement prior to every game:
 "Attention, attention please......have your pencils... and scorecards ready.... for the correct lineups.... for today's ballgame."

Tall Grass Art Center and Gallery - Urban Spaces Exhibition

Tall Grass Art Center and Gallery in Park Forest is mounting a new show titled Urban Spaces.  

Several Chicagoland artists will be included. The show is curated by Maureen Cribbs and Janet Muchnik.  My new urban prints will be on display.          
April 28-June 3, 2017 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Chicago Golf Course Etching

Two Chicago Public Golf Courses that challenge a golfer's ability as well as offering a spectacular view of the city of Chicago are included in this blog. Find these two etchings available in my online shop.

The Marovitz Golf Course is a nine-hole championship challenge on the lake at Waveland Avenue.  The course was designed and built in 1898 by Tom Bendelow and Edward Dearie.
At Chicago Skyline and the Marovitz Golf Course

The etching, including  P.G. Wodehouse quote, is 11" x 7" and frames to 18" x 14".
The quote is taken from the Wodehouse book  The Golf Omnibus
 "It was a morning when all nature shouted Fore!"

The Harborside International Golf Courses are in the city on the Southeast side.  The Port and Starboard courses have spectacular views of the city. They were designed and built in 1995-96 by Dick Nugent.

Harborside Golf Course
                          4.5" x 6.75"  Etching with Hand Coloring
                                            Frames to 9" x 12"

These etchings can be found in my online store.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Northwestern University & Garden Club of Evanston

The Garden Club of Evanston will host the House Walk & Holiday Boutique in Evanston on Saturday, November 12 from 10 to 6pm.

 I will be at a booth in the House Walk Boutique at Stone Terrace 300 Church Street in Evanston and will sell holiday gift cards, book marks and small etchings of Chicago and Evanston.

 For more information visit

 An example of my work is this Northwestern University 4" x 6" hand colored etching.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The 2016 Baseball Season has come to a close. The famous W flag adorns Wrigley Field.

The Chicago Baseball Fans were rewarded with a long overdue World Series win.

                Congratulations to the highly talented team.

The good news is that this team and Coach will return in the Spring 2017 and not lose momentum seeking another World Championship.

Two etchings of Wrigley Field are views from the "L" platform and can include the famous pre-game announcement from long time public address spokesman Pat Pieper.

A view of Wrigley Field 1060 West Addison from the "L". The etching is 10" x 12".

A view of Wrigley Field at Addison and Sheffield from the "L". The etching is 10" x 11.5".

These prints are available for purchase at my Shopify store

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Fall of 2016 will bring an exciting art event as well as a baseball championship to Chicago.

Sawbridge Studioes in Hubbard Woods will host another fine art and fashion event on Friday, October 14th.

This is part of the Annual Hubbard Woods Art Attack Festival hosted by Sawbridge Studios, The NorthShore Art League, and the Hubbard Woods Design District.

My most recent print is titled,   Urban Solitude Chicago  

Aquatint Etching with hand coloring, 16" x 16" framed

See these images in my online store

Saturday, September 24, 2016

October 2016

The Chicago Cubs will enter the 2016 Baseball World Series.

Three Images of Wrigley Field are a part of my work.  These represent views of Cubs' Park from the "L" platform.

In some prints I have added the quote of the long-time public address announcer, Mr. Pat Pieper as each day he would announce the line-ups for the day's game.

Plate no.27
1060 West Addison Chicago
Etching with Hand Coloring with Pieper quote
10" x 12"
Plate no.27
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Chicago   Sheffield and Addison from the "L"
Etching with Hand Coloring
7.5" x 9"
Plate no. 119

Chicago   Sheffield and Addison from the "L"
Etching and Hand coloring
10" x 11.5"
Plate no. 28
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